The Archives: Wahla

One file in the Archives reveals information about the Wahla. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

Evolution Points (3)

200 Feeds

400 Feeds

555 Feeds




Available Feb 1 - Feb 28, 2014.


100 kg


1.3 m

Obtained From

The VEND Machine

Gender Profile

85% female, 10% male, 5% non-binary



Population Rank

#179 of 1025

About Wahla Eggs

Wahla (pronounced wah-lah) eggs have very low density, so their eggs float around on top of rivers around Ark. Unlike larger species of seals, Wahla take thirteen months to have their children. Since Wahla mating season is usually during the coldest month, January, their eggs are laid in February of the following year. If you walk along the shore of an ocean during February, it's very likely that you'll come across some washed up Wahla eggs!

About the Wahla Creature

Wahla are considered to be wonderful pets. They are very affectionate towards people, and love to learn tricks. Despite them being water-dwelling creatures, they breathe oxygen and can use their fins to drag themselves around on land. If a Wahla likes its master enough, it may just follow them everywhere, so make sure you have the time to give proper affection when considering one for yourself!

Entry Written By: zero_chaos