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A Note on Public Block Lists

April 19, 2017 at 1:00 PM

PUBLIC BLOCK LISTS - A number of public block lists have recently come to our attention that users have been posting on their user and creature profiles outlining who they have blocked and why.

After reviewing these public block lists, we have found many of them to be quite unfriendly and scathing toward others. As of today, we are kindly requesting that users remove any published block lists from their profiles.

There isn't an official rule, nor do we feel the need for there to be, prohibiting talk about users that you have blocked. But we find these kind of public block lists to be unhelpful in keeping Egg Cave a friendly and safe community.

The purpose of Egg Cave's block system is to close down communication with those that you wish to avoid. But after that, letting it go. Please continue to use these tools as you see fit but do not publish public block lists.

Let's diffuse the tension and keep things fun for everyone!

Within the next week or so, we will begin clearing reported profiles that contain public block lists. Due to the sensitive nature of this blog post, comments on this specific post are closed.

Thank you for helping us keep Egg Cave enjoyable for everybody!

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