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5 Jul 2013
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About Pogknot Eggs

This egg was only available in the Egg Cave for July 2013.

Pogknot eggs are found nestled underneath large fern leaves in the forests of Ark. They are normally found there because they have to stay damp, moist, and cool to hatch.

About the Pogknot Creature

Pogknots are ferocious insects with insatiable appetites.

A newly hatched Pogknot is relatively harmless, but as Pogknots get older, their metabolism increases, causing them to be more hungry. A single Pogknot swarm can easily take out an entire crop.

Naturally, scientists have developed chemicals and sprays to repel Pogknots. But, interestingly enough, Pogknots evolve about every 10 years, building an immunity to the repellant. This means back to the drawing board for scientists; they have to discover the mutation and create a whole new formula to repel Pogknots.