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5 Aug 2013
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Hey! there is a bug on my table.

Soyez patient. La patience c'est aussi la préparation. C'est l'action avant le geste.
Auteur: Noah Benshea

About Zubflug Eggs

This egg was only available in the Egg Cave for August 2013.

Zubflug eggs can be found stuck to the underside of leaves. These eggs have a jelly like consistency. This makes moving Zubflug eggs very dangerous to the creature inside. It's best to leave the eggs where they are until they hatch.

About the Zubflug Creature

Zubflugs are a common sight during Ark’s summers. They are most active during the evening hours. The iridescent patterns on their outer wings causes them to glitter and shimmer in the dying light. Swarms of Zubflugs make a beautiful accompaniment to a sunset.