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4 Sep 2013
5 Jan 2020
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About Demga Eggs

This egg was only available in the Egg Cave for September 2013.

Demga eggs have a very durable and leathery shell. Research suggests that the shells of these eggs were often used in ancient Ark as material for the production of armor, weaponry, and musical instruments.

About the Demga Creature

A highly curious and intelligent species, Demga are constantly exploring the farthest reaches of the Northern Plains in search of adventure. Some of the more daring members of this species are even bold enough to voluntarily leave their own habitat just to explore new surroundings. One such documented example of this audacious behavior was the discovery of an unattended Demga patrolling the sands of Ark Beach, having made its perilous journey from the Northern Plains completely on its own.

Adventurous nature aside, Demga are surprisingly gentle creatures whom enjoy settling down every now and then to restore stamina before setting out for another journey.