Snowyflame the Icenyro

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1 Oct 2013
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Status: NEVER UFT.
Name: Snowyflame
Travel: /
Obtained: Cave common
Notes: My baby

I'm a pretty chill and friendly person. If you know me, I can be pretty coo-coo at times
I definitely don't get mad or annoyed easily. You'd have to be quite horrible to be able to do that.

Bday: August 21 (so I'm always looking for creatures born/stolen on this day)

Fav colour: Soft yellow, light turquoise and light lavender (and pastel colours in general)
Fav books: The Divergent series, the Messenger of Fear series, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Lorien Legacies
Fav animal: ALL OF THEM

Random facts:
- proud Hufflepuff and Thunderbird (Harry Potter)
- Amity (Divergent series)
- Thunderclan (Warrior cats)
- 55% cat person, 45% dog person
- English was my first language, Chinese (plus a Chinese dialect) my second
- Learning Spanish and German, I suck at it
- I play piano and percussion
- Field hockey for life

If you're rude or ungrateful or mean to me or others or wrongly accuse me or anything like that, I most likely will get upset. I might block you for a while, but I won't chomp your head off though.
If you're nice and friendly, there's nothing to worry about ^W^

Feel free to ask me whether something is for trade or not, I'd be happy to answer you c: Most of my UFTs are @wonglikiu821 or @bloop, but I won't mind if you ask anyway
I'd prefer to trade in CC or EC or creatures on my wishlist, but I really don't mind. I stick to Budgie's Pricing Guide though (thanks budgie!!).

If you see this please friend me now! XD

If you need any items for questing, I'm willing to help (if I have the items you're looking for).

About Icenyro Eggs

This egg is a living paradox. One side is cold enough for ice crystals to form, yet the other side is hot enough to see heat shimmers rise from it. As the Icenyro inside grows the egg will undergo changes. At times the ice crystals will dominate, while other times the heat melts away almost all the ice. No side ever disappears completely during this process. As the egg nears hatching the two extremes will become balanced, each occupying exactly half of the egg.

About the Icenyro Creature

The Icenyro possesses a very unique dual nature that expresses itself as it grows. When an Icenyro hatches it exhibits a strong affinity to ice. As it grows the ice affinity wanes and the fire portion of its nature begins to gain in strength. An adolescent Icenyro is balanced between the two sides of its nature, as evidenced by its eye color. The adult Icenyro is as strong in its affinity for fire as it once was for ice. At all stages the Icenyro possesses some small ice and fire magics. The magics for the strong affinity are the easiest to use, while the magics for the weak affinity are difficult and tiring to use. This means that adolescent Icenyro have a difficult time using these magics as their affinities are balanced. Very rarely an Icenyro is hatched who has its affinities swapped. These individuals are treasured and grow to become shamans of their clans.