Sylva the Aqueueren

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3 Oct 2013
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About Aqueueren Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for October 2013.

Aqueueren eggs are very fragile due to their extremely soft outer shell. Because of this, Aqueueren mothers often search for isolated beaches to bury their eggs where they will be protected until they hatch. This unique habit has led to the emergence of Aqueueren egg-hunting where hopeful individuals scour the shores of Ark hoping to encounter a hidden cache. Egg discoveries are extremely rare and usually only those experienced in Aqueueren behavior and movement patterns are successful.

About the Aqueueren Creature

Aqueueren are tricky creatures that love to cause trouble for unaware ships. Their favorite past-time involves creating mirages to distract sailors by creating images of large obstacles such as undiscovered islands and icebergs or even sea monsters. These mirages are the source of a large number of shipwrecks, leading to what experienced travelers call "no reality-zones" or areas known to be inhabited by numerous Aqueueren.