Idolalala the Idola

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27 Oct 2013
7 Nov 2022
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About Idola Eggs

Idola eggs seems to pulse and writhe as the creature inside grows. Strange tendrils of energy snake their way across the egg creating odd patterns. Owners of Idola eggs report hearing odd sounds near where they keep their egg. These eggs make even the most steady and level headed person feel spooked and paranoid when exposed to them for long periods of time.

About the Idola Creature

The Idola is highly adaptive, not just outwardly but on the genetic level as well. Its genetic structure appears to be strangely fluid allowing the Idola to rearrange its genes in order to express characteristics that will allow it to survive, and even thrive, in its current environment. It is a good thing Idolas reproduce so slowly and rarely otherwise parts of the island would be overrun with them. After many tests the Science and Research Center has discovered that this genetic fluidity appears to come from a previously unknown form of energy that courses through the Idola’s body.

Magnum Opus

Unethical, morally ambiguous, that’s what those fools at the SAR Center called his work. On those grounds they denied him funding and access to the proper specimens and equipment, as if such setbacks could stop him. So he left, left those fools and their leader Cathy, left them to tinker around with their altruistic notion of saving dying species. Meanwhile he would plumb the true potential of reanimation and creation. And now before him sat the culmination of all that work. A creature that was tapped into the energies described in that fateful book, energies that would make it powerful and infinitely adaptable. Soon he would create more and then he would show those fools at the SAR Center, show them all that they shouldn’t have shunned Dr Howard East.