Niabi the Crishorse

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30 Nov 2013
27 Nov 2017
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About Crishorse Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for December 2013.

Crishorse eggs, by themselves, are white. However, people have found that the eggs hatch faster if painted with a red gelatin. The gelatin is a special recipe consisting of cranberries, fruit juice, pecans, and orange peels.

About the Crishorse Creature

The Crishorse is a cheerful, thoughtful horse that loves Christmas. During the holidays, you'll see many people being transported upon the regal red coats of Crishorses; in the month of December, these red coats and manes sparkle, making the ride quite magical. Crishorses often share a special connection with their rider and can intuitively sense where the rider wants to go. No reigns required -- just think it in your mind!

By themselves, Crishorses are not open to carrying strangers. To train a Crishorse for the ever-popular holiday riding season in Ark City, an owner must be a consistent and firm trainer.

When Crishorses aren't occupied with the holidays, they enjoy roaming the northern parts of Ark and graze in the fields. They have no known predators, so they live in peace.