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23 Dec 2013
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About Heims Eggs

Heims eggs contain a rare sapphire crystal of deep blue color. Similar to other eggs that have a stone, removing this sapphire early will cause the Heims egg to die.

The only place this sapphire crystal can be found, other than in Heims eggs, is in underground caverns that lie several thousand feet beneath the island. Heimses stones have no known magical properties (on humans). They are, however, chemically and scientifically the purest sapphire on Ark.

About the Heims Creature

Heims, related to Unhemn, have an unbreakable connection with their stone. If a Heims is separated from its stone, it goes mad and is possessed with fury and rage. This unspeakable anger causes a Heims to make it their sole purpose to recover their lost stone.

When fully connected with their stone, Heimses are peaceful and have a calm demeanor. They like to help out their owners with tasks and are servant-minded. At night during a full moon, a Heims' stone glows and gives the creature the ability to fly.