Domesticate the Canic

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1 Jan 2014
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Essence of Litsdnats
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Name: Domesticate
Stage: Second Frozen
Travel: Frozen Lake Under The Blue Sky

Belongs to @Spell - Mascot of #CanineClub

About Canic Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for January 2014.

With an incredibly soft and fluffy texture, the fur on Canic eggs makes it hard for any owner to resist holding it close for warmth and comfort. The Science and Research Center has discovered that keeping this fur in a well-groomed state will produce healthier hatchlings than if the fur was left unkempt.

About the Canic Creature

Canics are very fun loving creatures. They adore playing a variety of games with their owners and can be taught a number of tricks. Many Canic owners will trim and style their pet's coat into elaborate coifs, something Canics seem to enjoy as much as their owners.

Over the years, several Canic owners have gotten together and formed the CSS, the Canic Showing Society. Every year the CSS will host a variety of events and shows specifically for other Canic owners. Prizes are given out in categories such as Best in Show, Best Tricks, and Best Coat. The trick competition can be a real treat to watch even if you don't show Canics.