Varna the Zebbit

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24 Jan 2014
8 Mar 2015
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Last cat in the Ally
By: Wolfkit

A Choose Your Own Adventure Story.

You are a cat, and you live on a cozy coda-sac, where you see plenty of strays stroll by, that look viscous you never really want to go outside you are perfectly comfortable inside. You stretch lazily on a couch where you were napping. You hear your humans talking in the kitchen they seem angry for some reason. They always seemed to be angry now, you think angrily, ever since the female human saw the male human drink some bitter, spoiled milk, you can't really explain the substance any other way. You close your eyes again trying to block out the noise, when suddenly you hear fast scurrying paws in the corner of the house. You jump down and head for the small, clawed, paw-steps curious at what they might be.


About Zebbit Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2014.

Finding a Zebbit egg is a rare occurrence. Most are kept safe within a Zebbit herd who guard their eggs against all comers. So those who wish to raise a Zebbit must search for eggs that have been for whatever reason abandoned by the herd.

About the Zebbit Creature

Zebbits make their home at the boundary of the Eastern Jungles and the grasslands beyond where they roam over large territories. Zebbits travel in large herds as a safety precaution against predators like Chimeras and Sherths who find Zebbits to be delicious. Zebbits are highly free spirited, even when raised from the egg by a caretaker. As such don't expect your Zebbit to follow any orders you give it, its best to let them roam as they please.