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25 Jan 2014
7 Nov 2022
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About Keras Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2014.

Not only are the shells of Keras eggs known to be incredibly tough and oftentimes reach 2 inches in thickness, they also provide a sharp jolt of electricity to anything that they come into contact with (excluding other Keras, of course).

Because of the specially adapted horn protruding from Keras eggs, the sparse tunderstorms in the Northern Plains are incredibly beneficial to the developing creature inside. The horn, acting similarly to a lightning rod, will take the brunt of the shock and then disperse it throughout the rest of the egg as a warming mechanism.

About the Keras Creature

The Keras makes its habitat in the vast, dry land that is the Northern Plains.

When a Keras reaches its maximum charging speed of roughly 50 miles per hour, an electrical field will fully envelop the raging creature. With the brutal impact force of weight and electricity now combined, any potential predators will soon second-guess their dinner plan.

Legends say that the name Keras translates into "living lightning" in an ancient Northern Desert language that has been long since forgotten.