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26 Jan 2014
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Elvish name: Feithien it means Waiting

L'esprit de l'homme, ouvert à une nouvelle idée, ne retrouve jamais ses dimensions originelles.
Auteur: Oliver Wendell Holmes

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About Caiman Eggs

What a beautiful jungle-looking egg!

About the Caiman Creature

Caiman have an obnoxiously large mouth but, contrary to popular belief, they do not viciously start chomping at their prey; they attack their prey in a very different way. Caiman do not actually have conventional "eyes"; to see, Caiman rely on the photoreceptors located in the soft, blue tissue above their heads. There are no optical nerves where most people believe the Caiman's eyes are located. Thus, to prey, it may appear that they have evaded a Caiman's detection, but little do they know that the soft, blue tissue is pointed directly at them.