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18 Dec 2009
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I first started on this site as dragoninthecave, the same UN as my Neopets account. But then I decided ninja was much better and transferred over here. So technically, I started Dec 18th,2009 even though this account is younger.
This here is my first egg EVER. It was stolen in Version 1, with no egg viewer, and no asteroid, new map, CSP or Leila. This was 2009. Incredible, I've been here for both years that Eggcave has been up.

600: Sep 24, 2010
1500: Sep 14,2011 nearly a year later

About Bunthoff Eggs

This creature is endangered.

When carrying Bunthoff eggs home, be careful as to which surfaces the egg touches, because these eggs have a very dirty, chalk-like powder that rubs off. Due to the unique mixture of oils within this powder, it is incredibly difficult to wash the dirt off with soap and water. These eggs are pretty rare too. They are typically found buried in the Egg Cave, so it's best to dig if you want one of these eggs.

About the Bunthoff Creature

Bunthoff live underground near The Volcano. Bunthoff have managed to dig an impressive network of tunnels surrounding The Volcano. Their main colony is adjacent to the main vent of The Volcano. The most horrid Bunthoff disasters in history have occurred when The Volcano has erupted and blown holes in the vent pipeline, which has flooded the Bunthoff colony with molten lava. Over time, Bunthoff have evolved and can sense a volcanic eruption days before it occurs. This is why the Science and Research Center in Ark City monitors Bunthoff colony activity; if they abandon their colony, Ark City needs to be prepared for what is about to come.