Fiery-Dragien the Torget

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About Torget Eggs

Torget eggs emit trace amounts of radiation. Under normal circumstances, amount of radiation is so minimal that it is not harmful.

However, unethical and wrongful chemical experiments have been conducted by criminal scientists using Torget eggs and their radiation. In these experiments, the radiation signature of a Torget egg was amplified by an electromagnetic field. The supercharged Torget eggs were then placed on both the left and right sides of the heads (brains) of humans to see what the enhanced radiation signature might do.

These experiments were stopped by the Town Hall years ago. However, the criminal researchers were quite skilled at recording their findings. In an analysis by the Science and Research Center, it was found that Torget supereggs enhanced a person's psychic abilities and some people even demonstrated forms of low-level mind control of other living things. Today, it is suspected that the Town Hall possesses technology to conduct radiation sweeps of large sectors of the island to ensure that Torget supereggs don't exist.

About the Torget Creature

Torgets belong to the second smallest family of dragons in Ark. The flame that they produce is indeed real and does produce heat but it is very small and, strangely, does not have the ability to burn those who come in contact with it. Torgets cannot start fires with their breath and cannot defend themselves with fire which means that they are relatively harmless. But this does make them easy targets for predators, so Torgets require a great deal of protection to fully mature.

In terms of temperament, Torgets are very simple creatures that crave affection and enjoy giving it back. They aren't fighting creatures, so they need encouragement to stand up for themselves when wrongly intimidated.