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About Duckbeak Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for March 2014.

Duckbeak eggs are laid in a manner so that their four-leaf clover would be facing upwards and so that the rest of the egg would blend in with the grass. Duckbeak eggs are laid on the ground because the eggs blend in with Ark’s grass. Since baby Duckbeaks are odorless, it is better for them to hatch on the ground rather than in plain sight in a tree so that they have a better chance to hide from predators. The eggs are most frequently laid in patches of clovers, as they blend in with their surroundings best that way. Since Duckbeak eggs are more common than true four-leaf clovers, it is very likely that any four-leaf clover spotted would actually be a Duckbeak egg.

About the Duckbeak Creature

Nobody is really sure where the Duckbeak’s hat comes from. Their hats are present at birth, and they hang on to their hat for the rest of their lives. It is said that bad luck will come to anyone that attempts to remove a Duckbeak’s hat from its possession. They also carry around the four-leaf clover found on their eggs, and it is assumed that this is in memory of their mothers which they usually never wind up meeting. If their clover ever shrivels up or rips, the Duckbeak will flee its location in an eternal search for its mother, which is almost always a search in vain.