-Ironic- the Iramae

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10 Mar 2014
21 Jan 2016
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Hatched on 2/16/2015
Evolved on 11/9/2015
Supposedly immortal on 1/21/2016 but still says level 1999.

About Iramae Eggs

Such vibrant colors! Every single Iramae hatching that has been recorded says that the creature hatched upside down! Thus, do not store your Iramae eggs in high places; the creature inside will fall to its behind when it hatches since it'll be standing on its head.

About the Iramae Creature

Iramae are similar to that of dogs; they have been dubbed "Man's Best Friend" in Ark. Iramae have a passionate desire to please their masters and serve them. Yet, Iramae still know the difference between right and wrong and will leave any master that abuses them. As you could imagine, Iramae are extremely hard to abandon not only because of the strong human-to-animal bond but because Iramae themselves are so attached to their masters. When you're blessed with an Iramae, cherish it until the day it dies.