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24 Mar 2014
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About Regga Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park in March 2014.

Regga eggs always appear in the most unlikely of places. You can never find one if you go out searching for one. Instead people find them when they go out picking flowers, when they are searching for their lost keys, and other such things. There has been at least one account of a Regga egg showing up inside someone's slippers.

About the Regga Creature

Reggas are very aware of the environment around them, to the point of noticing tiny details that others frequently overlook. This gives them an uncanny ability to find lost objects and to know things that they shouldn't. Don't worry, Reggas always keep any secrets they learn and return any objects they find to the owner.

Reggas also have a playful side that emerges whenever a group of them get together. Groups of Regga have been known to start large games of keep away and wrestle with each other in the fields of Ark. These impromptu games are highly entertaining and can gather a large number of watchers. These games become even more exciting when the Regga's favorite playmate, the Shillas, joins in the fun.