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About Barbat Eggs

Barbat eggs are incredibly sensitive to bright lights and loud noises. Prolonged exposure to either of these will irreversibly damage the egg (and subsequently the growing Barbat inside). Securing a Barbat egg inside a soundproofed and opaque container will dramatically increase the chance of the hatchling arriving healthy.

The wings on Barbat eggs do not appear to serve any particular purpose, but they have been observed as periodically fluttering on their own throughout the day and night.

About the Barbat Creature

The Barbat is the Science and Research Center's attempt at splicing together the genetic material of several bat species with that of the Aguaille. Due to the strong genetic similarities and comparable personalities, the Aguaille and Barbat are oftentimes seen accompanying one another in the same social groups.

Unlike the Aguaille, however, the Barbat has an acute sense of hearing that can detect even the slightest hint of sound frequency. This special hearing trait compensates for the Barbat's unfortunately sub-par eyesight.