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1 Jul 2014
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Newlife! What happened?

I dunno, I'm sorta tired of Eggcave. Some people are fairly rude and... I don't want to deal with toxicity. Everyone acts so nice and generous then turn around when they want something from you. Everyone is out for themselves and if you happen to have something they want, they'll use you for every last drop.

With the way Eggcave is, it's literally impossible to get anything you want. Creatures, names, friends. This was not the game I joined in 2012. People have gotten greedier, hungry for more because they have rare creatures.

If you really want to fix the game, then allow people to get "retired" creatures again. Otherwise this game will crumble... as if it already hasn't started to.

I've given some of my creatures away. Anything that's still here will stay forever.

No, nothing is UFT. No, my names aren't UFT. No, if you've found my sides, they aren't UFT.

I'd just like to be left alone in regards to trades. I still would love to pick up a conversation with others, but only about petty things.

Please do not ping me. I lurk if I am online, and I can see the forums just fine thank you. I don't need to be pinged if you think I'm interested, you would know if I was.

Those who matter to me:


All of you changed my experience on here. I love all of you and I hope that life treats you better than anyone else. You deserve it.


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Other accomplishments:
4th Trisk to ever hatch 7/31/14
1st Trisk to evolve to second stage 8/13/14
1st Trisk to evolve to last stage 8/15/14
'What a soft bed! And so bouncy~!' *bounce* 'These are rather expensive, but with a Trisk, it's very cheap.'

About Trisk Eggs

Trisk eggs can be found nestled amongst the coastal coral reefs. As the eggs near hatching they begin to float towards the surface where they get washed towards the shore. However very rarely does an intact egg make it to shore, it is usually newly hatched Trisks and bits of eggshell that wash up upon the beach.

About the Trisk Creature

Trisks are amphibious creatures that live along the shores of Ark. The watery tail of a Trisk isn't actually a true tail. Trisk have a very minor ability to manipulate water, they use this ability to form a "tail" of water when they are on dry land. This tail is used to keep the Trisk's fur from drying out, if the fur is allowed to become completely dry the Trisk becomes very weak and can die if proper care is not administered right away.

Like many of their land dwelling cousins, Trisks are very playful creatures. In particular Trisks love to play tag. It is not uncommon to find yourself pulled into a surprise game of Trisk-tag on your day at the beach.