Gracelle the Harpis

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6 Jul 2014
20 Aug 2014
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About Harpis Eggs

The feathers located on Harpis eggs, on rare occasions, make musical sounds when touched. Be careful not to touch them too frequently though, otherwise they will fall out. Harpis eggs cannot survive without their feathers.

About the Harpis Creature

The Harpis received its name for its brilliant feathers (because they look like they could be played like a harp). Beyond this, a Harpis' call is distinct and unmistakable; it is often a long melody with elegant dynamic shifts.

The Harpis breeding grounds are located near Ark Bay. Although not classified as formally endangered, Harpises are considered to be the rarest of any swan subspecies. For this reason, Harpis breeding grounds are aggressively protected by the Science and Research Center backed by legislation at the Town Hall.

Harpises, like their swan relatives, mate for life.