Timmo the Buttersloff

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24 Sep 2014
13 May 2020
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About Buttersloff Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for September 2014.

The ivy vines covering Buttersloff eggs are essential for providing extra structural support to the shell. Whenever an egg nears hatching, the vines will loosen and slough away. If the vines are removed prematurely from an egg, the resulting newborn Buttersloff is oftentimes weaker and more susceptible to illness and injury.

The name Buttersloff derives from the texture of the species' eggshell, which has on more than one occasion been described as being "smooth as butter" when rubbed in the correct direction (varying from egg to egg).

About the Buttersloff Creature

The Buttersloff's incredibly lax and easy-going nature, combined with its tendency to sleep for at least 15 hours a day, makes this docile species rather susceptible to predators. Fortunately, the creature's lack of movement and unwillingness to leave the jungle canopy helps protect it from any life-threatening danger.

Maxing out at a not-so-breakneck speed of 0.20 kilometers per hour, the Buttersloff is rightfully among the top slowest-moving animals on Ark. In fact, the sheer slowness of the Buttersloff allows for ivy, algae, and other organisms to comfortably thrive in their thick, coarse fur. Not only do these aforementioned organisms provide decent camouflage amongst the jungle foliage, they also allow the Buttersloff to have a nutritious snack on the go!