Egg the Salaslyke

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20 Jul 2009
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Apparently Egg is now the oldest living creature on Egg Cave in addition to having what is probably the most-tried name on the site. Uh, go Egg?

Made into a star creature June 21, 2014

Seeking these items:
Food Shop
Blue Willowisp Candy Dispenser
Fish Sandwich
Grass Sandwich
Green Willowisp Candy Dispenser
Hay Sandwich
Light Blue Bowl of Nyankh Potato Balls
Pink Willowisp Candy Dispenser
Yellow Willowisp Candy Dispenser

Toy Shop
Blue Garast Plushie
Gray Garast Plushie
Lyralopex Ball
Pakaceros Ball
Rainbear Yarn Ball
Yellow Garast Plushie

Lovely Heart Toy
Tainted Lovely Heart Toy
Undying Lovely Heart Toy

Sandrodon Sand Sculpture

Sentregg Nightlight

The Bakery
Chocolate Cream Canoli
Grass Biscuit
Lyralopex Biscuit
Original Biscuit
Rainbow Fudge Cake
Raspberry and Cloud Wisoki Macarons
Vanilla and Blackberry Wisoki Macarons

Bean Sack
Fish Sundae
Gold Nyankh Mug
Grass Sundae
Hay Sundae
Lyralopex Slushie
Pakaceros Slushie
Rainbear Slushie

Leila Library
All About Pakaceros
Book About Rainbears
Lyralopex Book
Novel on Jupiter
Orange Spring Magic Book
Ruby Naharian Book
Sapphire Naharian Book

Finley's Flavors
Berry Haunlupe Ice Cream
Lemon Haunlupe Ice Cream
Lime Haunlupe Ice Cream

About Salaslyke Eggs

Salaslyke eggs are spiny and scaly. An invisible, odd smelling goo surrounds the egg; if the goo were to touch human skin, it would turn it permanently red and scaly. It's best not to touch these eggs until they hatch...

About the Salaslyke Creature

Salaslyke are an interesting type of reptile. They are very quick on their feet and are able to discern dangerous situations swiftly. Their main weapons are not only their speed but their powerful jump (which grows stronger with each evolution) and rock-solid tail. That's why when a Salaslyke smacks your face with their tail, a common jocular saying amongst Ark residents is, "You've been slyked!"