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About Xiang Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for November 2014.

Smooth and slippery to the touch, these eggs hatch only in the safety of calm, deep ocean waters. Xiang eggs have a beautiful blue hue that makes them appear as gemstones at the bottom of the ocean.

About the Xiang Creature

Xiangs are hard to find, much less catch, due to their strange migration practices. Shy and elusive, these creatures spend their early stages living close to the ocean floor. But upon reaching adulthood, they frequent the water's surface. It is said that they stir and shape clouds of water bubbles with their magnificent tails.

Xiangs are gentle creatures said to possess the ability to grant peaceful rest and beautiful dreams. However, when provoked, they whip their tails and turn a dark grey. People still believe to this day that they are the cause of "water-thunder."

Xiangs love the evening sun and break the water's surface frequently during sunsets.