Denki_koneko the Electrock

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19 Nov 2014
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Denki koneko = electric kitten in japanse

About Electrock Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for November 2014.

To deter predators who might seek to harm the egg, Electrock eggs emit a short but painful electric pulse to any living thing who might touch the egg. Insulated, non-conductive material must be used to transport Electrock eggs.

If an Electrock egg is touched too frequently, the electric pulses will cause a kind of self-destruction and the egg will die.

About the Electrock Creature

Electrocks are very independent creatures that do not like interacting with other creatures. Electrocks experience mood swings and have volatile mental states. They emit electrical shockwaves as an expression of their moods; these shockwaves are very dangerous to humans and, if an Electrock is upset enough, can be lethal. Sadly, keeping an Electrock happy is quite difficult, so most people don't keep them as pets because the risk is too high.