Zolpidem the Motjaa

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10 Dec 2014
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About Motjaa Eggs

Tiny glowing lights dance around Motjaa eggs. When the egg is about to hatch the lights grow in number and dance faster, effectively obscuring the egg from sight.

About the Motjaa Creature

Motjaas are an extremely playful spieces of elk. Motjaas are able to manipulate small amounts of snow and spend most of their time dancing and frolicking in their own miniature snow falls. While it is possible to tame a Motjaa it is impossible to get them to do anything other than play making them a poor choice for any sort of work other than decoration.

The lights that shone around Motjaa eggs continue to dance around their glowing antlers. The antlers will continue to glow for a period of about a week once shed.