Banished the Kakakuona

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20 Dec 2014
30 Dec 2014
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Name: Banished
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Travel: Red Gas Planet
NFT - 2nd Kakakuona from the Thief Shop. Gotten myself.

Commons, SAR, Endangered. All NFT. You can feed here.

Names, CRWs, some other LEs. Stuff in UFT tabs UFT. And some commons outside the UFT tab.
Please do not feed here.

Cave monthlies, Seasonal, Asteroid. All NFT. Please do not feed here.
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About Kakakuona Eggs

Kakakuona eggs are extremely well armored. So much so that predators have largely given up on eating Kakakuona eggs. This also means that the eggs require help when it comes time to hatch. Kakakuona parents will use their large claws to help the hatchling inside crack open their eggs. For humans that want to hatch a Kakakuona there are a variety of classes held that teach the best way to help their new egg hatch.

About the Kakakuona Creature

Kakakuonas are just as well armored as their eggs are, at least on their backs. Because of this predators will, for the most part, leave them alone. Those that do try to attack a Kakakuona have, not only their armored plating to contend with, but their large, sharp claws as well. These claws are not only for defense, they make for great digging tools as well. Kakakuonas live in large underground complexes that they dig out with their sturdy claws.