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25 Dec 2014
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About Grisal Eggs

The crystal shards located on Grisal eggs are extremely sharp and can cut many of the hardest substances on Ark. Be careful when handling!

Grisal eggs require extremely low incubating temperatures to hatch.

About the Grisal Creature

Grisals are a noble and majestic creature with a high sense of purpose and justice. Their tails are an ice-based flame that, contrary to popular belief, humans can touch without being burned or frozen solid.

Grisals also have the ability to alter the state of air molecules around them, which makes them able to "breath ice." Because of their abilities, they can also unfreeze ice in an instant.

The crystal shards that make up their horns are very sharp. A nearby Grisal that's clumsy or unaware of its surrounding normally leads to considerable accidents.