Ferluci the Xoloti

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22 Jan 2015
13 Dec 2020
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About Xoloti Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2015.

Often found in swamps and rainforests, Xoloti eggs are said to be cursed among many Arkians. Many believe that there is often a "dark presence" surrounding the egg, so most Arkians avoid visiting wet areas at night when they wouldn't be able to see it.

Xoloti eggs can survive only in areas with frequent rainfall. Their mothers tend watch their eggs closely, and when the egg begins to dehydrate, the mother is likely to move the egg to a place where the egg will have a higher chance of rehydrating. Because of high involvement of the parents, Xoloti eggs have a lower mortality rate than that of most other species.

About the Xoloti Creature

Contrary to the common belief, Xoloti are actually very friendly creatures so long as their young are not threatened. Because they are feared by most people and many herbivorous species, Xoloti are actually rather lonely. They are seldom able to befriend other species, and tend to live alone until finding a mate.

When a Xoloti's mate dies, it wanders for eternity in a futile search for its lost lover's soul until dying of exhaustion or dehydration. Xoloti are nocturnal and hunt exclusively during nighttime, which is the reason for their dark colors, but unfortunately this appearance is what causes their seclusion from the rest of the world. Xoloti are one of the saddest species on Ark.