Myrtus the Sentark

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24 Jan 2015
16 Dec 2018
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About Sentark Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2015.

Sentarks don't actually hatch from normal, traditional egg. Rather they "unfold" from a tightly packed embryo when ready to begin life.

About the Sentark Creature

Sentarks are freshwater platypus-like creatures that swim the rivers and inland lakes of southern Ark.

In general, Sentarks aren't ultra-territorial which makes them easy to get along with. In terms of temperament, Sentarks aren't really that outspoken either; they prefer to blend into their surroundings and mind their own business (but not in an aloof manner).

While some might consider them evasive in their independent, untroubling spirit, Sentarks won't ever discard or overlook a true friend or loving owner.