Heliogapi the Saurogapi

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28 Feb 2015
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Hatched: 4/6/2015
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About Saurogapi Eggs

This egg is given out during the Chocotravaganza Exchange.

Saurogapi eggs slowly bloom as they near hatching. When fully opened the baby Saurogapi can be found curled up in the center of the petals.

About the Saurogapi Creature

Saurogapies are one of the smaller lizards that inhabit Ark's wetlands. They eat mainly small insects and flowers. The frill around a Saurogapi's neck is used as a defense mechanism, startling predators when it is suddenly flared and making the Saurogapi look larger than it really is.

Saurogapies are also particularly friendly, once they have been convinced that you aren't going to eat them. However they do not like to leave their wetland homes. Having several Saurogapies clinging to you as you traverse Ark's wetlands only to have them jump off when you leave their territory is a common occurrence.