Duster_ the Lagcaous

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12 Apr 2015
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Duster is the Nuthanger Farm's guard dog in the Watership Down TV series. He is depicted as a Rottweiler, and serves as the dangerous obstacle that stands between Hazel's Owsla and the flayrah they aim to raid. Duster is the minor antagonist of Watership Down series.

About Lagcaous Eggs

Lagcaous eggs are a common gift that parents give to their children around Easter time.

About the Lagcaous Creature

The Lagcaous actually undergos a very slow hatching process. The shell on the Lagcaous egg will stretch and grow, forming a protective exoskeleton around the young Lagcaous. Over time this exoskeleton will begin to decay and slowly melts away, exposing the Lagcaous's very soft fur.

Lagcaouses are very playful and love to receive attention. They are also relatively easy to care for, all qualities that make them excellent companions.