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About Listrick Eggs

Listrick eggs must be incubated in very cold (but not icy) freshwater. If the water isn't cold or pure enough, the egg cannot survive.

Listrick eggs are also excellent conductors of electricity. Unlike Rivets, charging the egg with electricity will not make the egg hatch quicker.

About the Listrick Creature

More dangerous and temperamental than electric eels, Listricks are a ferocious force to be reckoned with. They roam the deepest parts of the ocean floor and are considered alpha predators in their respective microhabitat.

Listricks viciously attack their prey, often without warning, and defend themselves against predators by discharging fatal electric blows. Most of their electric power is created from within but Listricks also have a seemingly supernatural capability to harness the electrical forces within another living organism's body and use it against them. This capability is under study at the Science and Research Center in Ark City.

As you could imagine, Listricks do not make great pets.