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4 Jul 2015
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born on the same day, but found each others on CHRISTMAS DAY!

Autonomy and Deton04 are now life time lovers!


About Deton Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for Independence Day 2015 (July 4) through July 11.

This egg... is like a sparkler!? Careful not to get burned!

About the Deton Creature

The Deton is a very friendly bear that enjoys the company of humans. Parts of their body like the ears, forepaws, and tail emit a flame that's much like a sparkler. Naturally, they are the perfect creature to invite during celebrations.

When a Deton is hungry, their sparkler flames begin to go out. After they are well-nourished though, their sparkler flames are very strong. It's a good indicator of how well a Deton is feeling, so pay attention!