Jole the Tammick

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2 Aug 2015
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Eggcave Mate - Tamika
(His real mate is his wife, Jodie )

Hatched - August 28th, 2015
Evolved into second stage - August 29th, 2015
Evolved into third & final stage - August 30th, 2015
Became immortal - September 2nd, 2015

Hi there! This is Jole! And he's named after my favorite DJ!

Name - 'Jole' is S3RL's Real name! His full name is Jole Richard Hughes, And He was born in, and also lives in, Brisbane, Queensland Australia!
And yes, his name is actually spelled Jole, Not Joel.

I Know WAY too much about him for a normal fan xD Like I've pretty much gone off the side of 'Fan' & crossed over to 'Stalker'
I actually met him at a rave he was playing at on July 23rd, 2016... And it was by far the best night of my life, and it always will be!

And that's what this story is about!

Well, it all started sometime in October 2015. When I was on the S3RL fan forum and was looking at the thread for the newest song at the time, called 'Next Time - S3RL feat Zoe Vanwest'. And S3RL had actually said in that thread that he was going to play that song at one of his events next year (summer of 2016) with the featured artist! And that the place was called 'Metrocon'. Well, someone posted later on 'Wait, is that the Metrocon in Dallas (which is in Texas) or Tampa?' Which is in Florida... And Tampa is actually where I live! And I researched into it, and it turns out that Metrocon has 2 locations... One in Dallas, Texas. And the other in Tampa, Florida. About 30 minutes away from where I live. Which meant that there was a 50/50 chance that S3RL was gonna come to my city!!!!!! But to be honest, I didn't want him to come here... I was wishing that he'd go to Dallas. And before you ask why I wouldn't want my hero coming to my city, it was for one reason. Most raves are 18+ or 21+, and I was only 16 at the time. And I was under the impression that it was going to be 18+ and I would be heartbroken if he came to my city and I couldn't see him. So I didn't want him coming here at all...
Fast foward 4 months later in February, when S3RL posted on Facebook, saying that he was going to Tampa Florida's Metrocon, on July 23rd. I was heartbroken... For the next 5 minutes I felt awful... Until I clicked metrocons page and FAQ... It said 'METROCON IS AN ALL AGES EVENT!' (yes it was in all caps) and I was the happiest person you could ever imagine at that very moment! The rave was all ages! So I actually had a chance to meet him!!! So I asked my parents if they'd take me when the time came, and they know that he's my favorite DJ and hero, so they both said yes! So for the next 5 months, I mentally prepared myself for what I knew was going to be the greatest day of my life! I got pony beads and made LOTS of Kandi! I got a pair of adorable pink fluffies/leg warmers, and I just thought about the rave every day (literally, every single day!) For all the months leading up to it! But there was one more thing I had to do... I had to find out if S3RL even went out to meet his fans (I was 95% sure he did cause I talk to a lot of people who've met him but I just wanted to make sure) and he actually has a Q & A on his site where you can ask him questions and he'll answer you! So I asked him...

I asked him this, and he said...

So yay! All I had to do was find him! And I was DEFINITELY going to find him!

Fast forward to July 23rd... I slept 3/4 hours... Woke up right at 7:04 AM from excitement (and I had went to bed at 4 AM ) So I was pretty excited! All day I had been out and about, going downtown to get the tickets, running errands with my parents, just going all over the place! Running on nothing but happiness and excitement from what I knew was going to happen later! and finally, the time had come... It was time to go to my first rave, and meet S3RL, Jole. My hero. The person who I came to know & love after 4 years of dreaming of the day that I honestly had thought was never going to happen. But it WAS going to happen! I was going to get to see him in real life! So we got there, and we got to the wide open doors, and it was just... Wow... It was beyond loud. It was literally so loud that you couldn't hear yourself talk. No kidding! And the flashing lights were magnificent! It was everything I had imagined and so much more! Just... Beyond words!!! And another cool thing was that there wasn't that many people there when we had got there, so I got a front row spot! And so we were there about 30 minutes, and Zoe Vanwest had just finished her set. well, almost. She had one more song left to sing... S3RL's song! Which meant he was coming up on stage! So all of a sudden I heard a really loud megaphone say 'Now give it up for DJ S3RL!' And you should've heard how much louder it got! And I yelled as loud as I possibly could! And I saw him come out & I yelled even louder! I was also so in awe of knowing that..

Part 2!!!

About Tammick Eggs

A Tammick egg can't exactly qualify as an egg, as its soft texture and furred surface is reminiscent of skin rather than a shell. It is round and lacks prominent shapes except for a pair of fully developed wings, with which it can fly very short distances, and a tail.

Newborn Tammicks are quite difficult to catch as they're small and can roll or fly away upon sensing another creature's presence. It's speculated that, like with normal eggs, the growing chick is provided with nutrients inside and in a short amount of time the little round ball of feathers grows legs and a head and blooms into a physically proportionate bird.

It's a heated scientific debate whether Tammicks lay eggs or are viviparous because, despite the absence of a head or any limbs, they begin actively breathing upon birth and can't be qualified as eggs but on the other hand the quick metamorphosis they undergo to reach their definite shape resembles the hatching of a bird.

About the Tammick Creature

Tammicks are born (or, rather, hatched) small and looking like chicken.

As they mature the stubby neck elongates elegantly, as does their beak, and they grow a tail the size of their body. They are kings of metamorphosis. Save for the tail and comb their feathers are initially a dull grey, but when cut they grow back blue and when plucked, they grow back green. That is often a cause for maltreatment from their owners, who hurt their Tammicks with the intent of having a more colorful pet. Due to improper plucking the feathers may not grow back and this results in bald spots on the Tammick's body, so it is greatly advised to simply settle with a blue or grey-feathered Tammick instead.