Trochee the Mirdouse

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8 Aug 2015
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About Mirdouse Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for August 2015.

A feathery tail-like appendage is delicately wrapped around every Mirdouse egg, functioning as an added layer of protection as well as structural support. To unravel this appendage would mean to unravel the fragile eggshell that it is secured to, leading to its destruction.

About the Mirdouse Creature

The Mirdouse is a peaceful species that will spend a large majority of its awake hours vocalizing from the treetops of Ark's jungles. Though classified as an omnivore, it tends to stick to a herbivorous meal plan by consuming and stockpiling large amounts of nuts, berries, and various vegetation.

With shrill voices that can travel up to nearly half of a kilometer, chances are that humans and creatures alike will always hear a Mirdouse before seeing one.