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1 Jun 2014
5 Jan 2018
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About Revii Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for June 2014.

Revii eggs are notoriously difficult to get a hold of. Revii only live in the darkest, densest part of Ark's jungle. Not only are these eggs laid in such an inaccessible location, the coloration of the eggs allows for them to blend in with the shadows of the dark undergrowth.

About the Revii Creature

Revii live within Ark's bio-luminescent jungle where they are one of the top predators. Their markings will glow just like many of the flora and fauna. This allows them to camouflage themselves from their prey as well as from humans, who they prefer to avoid contact with.

Revii have a unique adaptation that has allowed them to thrive in their environment. Their larger set of eyes, in addition to seeing the normal spectrum can also see into the ultraviolet. Their smaller pair of eyes sees exclusively in the infrared, allowing them to find prey even when it is otherwise perfectly hidden. The Revii also has specialized eyelids that allow them to filter their sight, blocking out parts of the spectrum in order to better hunt and avoid contact with threats or humans.