Eliannam the Mecko

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30 Aug 2015
19 Mar 2020
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About Mecko Eggs

Mecko egg patterns remind may of raccoons. But Meckos are the farthest thing from a raccoon: they are a lizard... a high-functioning, well-adapting lizard.

About the Mecko Creature

Most first-time Mecko owners are surprised when their Mecko begins to grow more heads as they mature.

A young Mecko has simpler brain functions and, consequently, isn't as smart as an older Mecko. But as Meckos begin to age they require more storage for their memories, food-gathering patterns, interactions with other creatures, and even nature itself; this is why they grow more heads. This makes a fully matured Mecko with three heads very wise, cunning, and difficult to tempt and deceive. Why? Because it is so well adapted to its surroundings and environment.

There has only been one report of a four-headed Mecko. It didn't live long enough to prove whether or not a fourth head made the Mecko even smarter than any other. In general, most others only mature to have three heads.