Obutsu the Kyaondi

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22 Oct 2015
17 Sep 2018
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About Kyaondi Eggs

The mask-like design that adorns Kyaondi eggs has an almost mischievous-looking quality to it. Bizarre, ethereal noises may sometimes be heard resonating from within.

About the Kyaondi Creature

Kyaondi are wandering spirits that have an unusual fixation on amassing vast hoards of candy. Because their native realm is The Fiery Shadows, very little is actually known about this species outside of their sporadic appearances on Ark during the autumn season.

Throughout the entire month of October, Kyaondi will collect and even materialize their own candy from seemingly out of thin air. On Halloween night, they will offer their accumulated sweets to enthusiastic trick-or-treaters. Candy samples obtained from Kyaondi have been rigorously tested by the Science and Research Center, concluding that they exhibit nothing abnormal ingredient-wise compared to Arkian treats and are oftentimes even healthier.

Although their masks might insinuate a malevolent nature, Kyaondi are ambivalent souls at worst and do not intentionally seek out to harm living beings. Once the holiday festivities have ended, Kyaondi will depart just as quickly as they had arrived.

There exists a legend surrounding this species detailing an encounter that had occurred between a young human girl and a particularly curious Kyaondi spirit whilst in The Fiery Shadows.