Almatr the Copioat

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About Copioat Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for November 2015.

The two prongs on Copioat eggs are extremely sharp and strong. They are used to attach the eggs to the bark of trees. If you find a Copioat egg attached to a tree, you should not remove it because the prongs have a second purpose. Once attached to a tree the prongs leech nutrients from the tree to nourish the growing Copioat within.

About the Copioat Creature

When a Copioat egg nears hatching, its egg grows becoming shell-like, similar to a snail's shell, and then falls from the tree. Young Copioats only leave their shells in order to gather nearby fallen leaves that they take back to their shells to eat. Once a Copioat outgrows its shell, it doesn't discard it. Copioats use their old shells to carry around food that they share with other creatures they meet.