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17 Dec 2018
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About Piki Eggs

Piki eggs emit one of the most alluring smells in existence, a thick aroma of vanilla, spices, and baked goods fresh from the oven. Oftentimes, groups will go out together searching for these eggs and each person would return with their own, keeping and raising their Piki in remembrance of those wonderful autumns spent with family and friends.

About the Piki Creature

For centuries, Arkians have doted over Pikis for their reminiscent aroma, their scent being the epiphany of autumn. Feeling entitled because of this, many Pikis have grown to be spoiled expecting that their owner will make sure that they are catered to exactly. It has been noticed that Pikis simply don't recognize how much that there is to be thankful for, living in expectation. Since then, Arkians have celebrated a time of thankfulness and recognition every autumn, helping both creature and owner alike remind themselves just how lucky they truly are.