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31 Dec 2015
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im sorry its not much but i hope that this can put a smile on your face. your a amazing and kind person who cares dearly about your friends and its truly amazing that i know you. youve been through so much and yet you still continue to bring brightness in peoples day i truly look up to that love. i hope our friendship continues for a very long time and please remember its not selfish to talk about yourself we care about you dearly and just want to see a hugh smile on your face and cheer you up when your down

from cloud-n-bolts (sophie)

About Snowby Eggs

Snowby eggs require temperatures below -40°C to hatch successfully. If Snowby eggs become warmer than this temperatures for more than a few hours, they'll melt into a puddle of water.

About the Snowby Creature

Snowbies are gigantic snowflakes that are about 1.2 meters in length but are as light as a small snowflake.

They are sometimes called Santa's Helpers because they fall from the sky with small presents in hand. Sadly, once you receive and take your gift, the Snowby flake evaporates into thin air. But because of the magic of Christmas, it is believed that Snowbies respawn among the cold, wintery snow clouds up above, only to fall again to deliver a new gift.

They are among the greatest spreaders of Christmas cheer.