lil_dude17 the Nellin

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8 Feb 2016
18 Feb 2019
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lil_dude17 has been buzzing and buzzing inside his shell and now I kind of miss that noise. But I know eventually lil_d will stick his cute face out and greet the world. I must make sure to have some handy nearby chocolate laying out. He will probably be hungry.
Speaking of inter-species friendships, oddly enough lil_dude17 and Lasik hang out together a lot! Who knows why we feel comfortable with the ones we do.
I am just glad it happens. Hey! Maybe it is the spots!??

About Nellin Eggs

A tough egg that occasionally rolls around and makes buzzing noises. Nellin eggs must be kept at ground level.

About the Nellin Creature

The Nellin is a vigilant creature until its wings have formed properly. Until that time, the Nellin will hide behind its wings and will stay hidden for as long as it can.

When a Nellin is able to fly, it will start hunting for chocolate as chocolate is the Nellin's favorite food.