Nurelion the Nellin

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Nurelion is an aging Altmer mage who runs The White Phial in Windhelm, an alchemy shop named after a legendary artifact he's spent most of his life trying to find. Now that he's finally learned of its location, a recent illness is preventing him from getting it, granting you the opportunity to retrieve the White Phial for him.

Known for his short temper and disrespectful remarks, his assistant Quintus Navale has to put up with Nurelion's behavior every day, but considers it an honor to work for the brilliant alchemist. Ask Quintus why he works for Nurelion, and he'll be shocked by such a question: "Are you kidding? I came all the way from Cyrodiil just to work with him. He's... he's not the best teacher. But just watching him, I've learned so much." Similarly, as he greets you, he often praises his master: "My master can be a bit short-tempered, but I've learned so much from him." and "I'll never have Master Nurelion's skill with potions."

About Nellin Eggs

A tough egg that occasionally rolls around and makes buzzing noises. Nellin eggs must be kept at ground level.

About the Nellin Creature

The Nellin is a vigilant creature until its wings have formed properly. Until that time, the Nellin will hide behind its wings and will stay hidden for as long as it can.

When a Nellin is able to fly, it will start hunting for chocolate as chocolate is the Nellin's favorite food.