Yuuga the Yazan

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14 Feb 2016
24 Nov 2016
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Previously named: Amazing-Cho by Felisa

Yazans were released in 2016 c:

Born on Valentine's


This poem is dedicated to you in appreciation for the friendship we have and what joy it will bring for years to come - Thank you @cho!

"A Friendship Like Ours"

Anyone fortunate to meet someone and gain a true friend is blessed.

Friendship is a precious treasure one can give to another.

It cannot be sold and is way to valuable to put a price on anyway.

A loyal friend is one that makes you laugh, will cry with you and comfort you.

When adversity or suffering occurs, a real friend will step right up and give you encouragement.

There is never a time that your friendship is tested and together you both don't pull through it still as loving and thoughtful as ever.

Neither of you shrink away from helping the other from making a mistake or giving that little nudge to go and be all you can be.

If there is something that will hurt or kill you, who but your friend will come to your aid or sacrifice his or her life for yours?

A friend's best interest is the main focal point.

You can count on him/her being there no matter what time it is day or night.

A friendship such as this is very rare to find in life but when found; should be cherished always.

Thank you for being someone I adore and very happy to call my friend.

A friendship like ours is truly remarkable and will last a lifetime!


About Yazan Eggs

Yazan eggs must be stored in a dark space below room temperature in order to preserve the valued ink found swimming beneath the first few exterior layers of the eggs surface. Too much handling can cause damage to the purity of the ink and ultimately destroy the creature found inside. When the egg is almost completely black in color, it will be ready to hatch.

About the Yazan Creature

Legend tells that the Yazans are the storytellers of the great world of Ark. They live deep within the earth's surface to provide themselves with the serenity they need in order to write the various tales of Ark's many creatures. The ink required to write such tales courses through their veins and deposits a droplet every few seconds into the feather-like fur found at the tip of their tails.

The magic found in the ink is very strong, and sometimes a very rare few of these creatures have found themselves blinded, eyes turning black as coal, overcome by the ink inside them. These particular Yazans depend solely on the strength of their minds and their tails to write the stories before them.

The stories of old found in the Archives are rumored to be authored by the Yazans themselves.