Ageing the Ami

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14 Feb 2016
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About the name:
n. Ageing (British English) or aging (American English) is the process of becoming older. In the narrow sense, the term refers to biological ageing of human beings, animals and other organisms.


Aut egg
Ara egg
Basque last
Burdrah egg
Chamillion 1st frozen
Cloverli egg
Deton egg
Deton last
Duckbeak egg
Felindle 1st frozen
Koleda 1st frozen
Lal egg
Leyenne egg
Melodie egg
Mimic 2nd stage frozen
Onabi egg
Ornisment 1st
Piki egg
Revii 1st frozen
Roknatun 1st frozen
Sikeree egg
Spunny egg
Trinoceros 1st
Terapox 1st
Tawny egg
Trisk egg
Unipeg egg frozen
Volar 1st
Wicculin Last
Xiang 1st stage frozen

Aig egg
Ambrie egg
Ami egg
Batteron egg
Bessy last
Brohu 2nd
Buzzle egg
Candit 1st
Cantik 1st with Poppy plains travel
Chinchilly egg
Chimmie egg
Coinster egg
Diablos egg
Dragfer egg
Fiamma egg
Garo egg
Ghostar last
Grandium last
Gryp 1st
Horsekin egg
Lovart egg
Luckuar egg
Meriton egg
Moxel egg
Octro egg
Pantheart egg born on Valentines' day
Pahoehoe last
Pami 1st
Plore egg
Plumnov egg (starred)
Prankey egg
Qutten egg
Shillas last
Skrulline egg
Tific egg
Torget last
Trovantis 2nd
Wiset 1st
Yulilia egg

Amarra 1st
Meriton 1st
Gantula 1st
Harpis 1st
Sorien 1st
Grandinum 1st

About Ami Eggs

This egg is given out during the Chocotravaganza Exchange.

Ami eggs will constantly emit a sweet and alluring fragrance that is like none other. The sweeter the aroma is, the closer the egg is to hatching.

In Ark's rich and distant past, an Ami egg would oftentimes be given as a present to newlyweds in a royal family. The gift was meant to signify the bond shared between the two partners and to hopefully ensure a prosperous kingdom.

About the Ami Creature

Ami are highly sociable creatures with love that is nothing short of unconditional. It is said that if you and your partner raise an Ami together the bond between you will grow stronger.

It is very telling of someone's personality or behavior if an Ami is ever reluctant to approach them. It can be the signal of an unusually bad mood or of a toxic personality, one to be avoided at all costs.