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About Psyfera Eggs

Psyfera eggs are only found on and shortly after Valentine's Day. These eggs form from high concentrations of magic, love, and flower petals.

About the Psyfera Creature

Psyferas are known in ancient tales as the fairies of love and passion. The appearance of Psyferas in these tales always coincides with the appearance of Eroches. In truth the Psyfera and Eroche share a connection, the Psyferas are the ones who give the Eroches their pearls. Each Psyfera can have up to a dozen Eroches at their command at any given time. This combined with their inherent powers makes them extremely powerful when it comes to manipulating the relationships and emotions of non-fairy beings.

Like their cousins, the Aosidhe, the Psyfera's dealings with non-fairies tend to be more beneficial. Though, as with all Fairykind, caution is warned when dealing with the Psyfera. Their temperaments are more fickle than the Aosidhe and you do not want to be on receiving end of a Psyfera's anger.