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14 Apr 2021
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About Luckmooe Eggs

The Luckmooe egg has its tail on the outside for protection. Because of the clover on the end of the tail, it camouflages the egg so predators won't attack and break it. The horns on the outside of the Luckmooe egg are also another mechanism for protection because if predators get to close, they will sometimes get hurt by the sharp horns.

About the Luckmooe Creature

The Luckmooe are not very friendly at the beginning of the lives. This is because the child and adolescent Luckmooe love to be independent, even though their owner was the one who raised them. Most Ark citizens will keep a large pasture and a barn in their backyard to allow the Luckmooe to roam freely while still remaining in their care. Most Luckmooe are okay with this and live their lives as rambunctious children until their adult years.

However the Luckmooe will never forget who raised them and will return and become a lovely companion. They are very calm in their later years and will mostly follow around their owners and become very affectionate. They only possess one lone four leaf clover as a reminder that they are lucky to have such a wonderful owner who cares for them.