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About Lucky Eggs

These eggs are known to never be found in the Cave. It's also thought that you can only find a Lucky egg unless you have a real, live Lucky fairy with you already. Luckies beget Luckies!

About the Lucky Creature

Charming, sociable, and yet still a little shy, the Lucky is the Fairy of Luck thought to bring good fortune and great wealth to your life. They are most frequently seen around St. Patrick's Day.

Luckies are able to fly extremely fast with their cloverleaf wings and enjoy playful games of hide-and-seek and tag. If you're lucky enough to win one of these games against a Lucky, it will normally become your friend and follow you.

Luckies are known to be very selective with whom they bless. Just because you're a friend of one doesn't necessarily mean you'll be blessed. Normally, you must prove your worthiness of luck to a Lucky before you can receive it.